All You Need To Know To Install Face Time On Windows!

All You Need To Know To Install Face Time On Windows!

Face time is the most intuitive Chiefway Malaysia video calling application, which is a propriety product of Mac, designed for IOS users. Well, if you are thinking how you can make use of this astounding app without spending money then you are at the right stop, as here we will help you find the right way that will help you to make use of the app on your windows device.

Windows facetime

If you are clueless about this wonderful app, then fret not! As here to ascertain you here about its some great features that, you will see when you will use it on Windows or your MAC device. The best part is that you can easily socialize with your friends and family without dropping the dough, as all you need a Wifi connection it works quite well on 3G and 4G network plan. Here we have compiled the list of its cool features of the Face time that are as follows:

  • Primarily it is a user-friendly app and apart from that, it is amazingly easy to understand. You can easily become pro just by making two or three video call.
  • It has a great audio quality that makes it much easier to listen clearly without any hassle and issue.
  • It has a mute button wherein the caller can see you but will not be able to hear from you.
  • It supports HD video calling with real-time experience.
  • It is free of cost you do not have to pay single money to connect with your family, friends, and loves ones.
  •  You can also block all video call if you are not willing to be seen while talking.

With such amazing features how it is possible on earth for a social media freak to not download this app on your windows. So let us quickly see all the essentials that you need to have to make use of the app.

Prerequisite to download the app on your windows!

To help you here we bring you minimum requirements for downloading it on Windows-based PC:

  • Windows XP/7//8/10
  • RAM of 2GB at least
  • Microphone and headphone
  • Internet connection
  • webcam

To download facetime for windows it is important to fulfill the above mention requirement so that you can use it like a pro and without any glitches. If your device supports all the above-mentioned requirements and specifications, then what are you waiting for! Just download it and make use of it in the best manner possible.

How to face time on the PC?

  • Click on the email address to which you want to do Face time. Om addition if the person is not yet in your contact list then click on the “MY contact” under the plus sign adds new contact and you are done.
  • Now click on the contact and you can easily connect with the person.
  • To disconnect the call, just click on the red button.

To ascertain you here we bring you now know how you can easily make the call so let us quickly see the points that you need to keep in mind when doing a video call.

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